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GeoSense Map

GeoSense developed Web GIS maps, which can integrate different databases and create personal modules according to the electronic needs of government and enterprise.

Products Features

OSM structure We have adopted mainstream OSM (Open Street Map) in 2D and 3D plan to avoid expensive license fee, which has wisely used internationally.
Flexible API Service We use API service as a structure to develop the online map’s front end. It can quote and extend as require, and decrease the difficulty during map development.
Easy-use of managing map Layers Our product is design to help managing layers conveniently. It can set up layers’ Identify and Filter, upload, and maintain the layer’s information through the graphic management platform.
Support Different Kinds of Formats 2D:SHP、KML、WMS、WFS、WMTS、ArcGIS Map Service、GML、Vector Tiles etc.
Cross-platform software We devoted React front end, Web develops structure, and RWD (Responsive Web Design) Technologies to help user experience seamlessly between Web and APP.

Feature Modules

Basic Feature

Online Map controller, Layers intussusception, location searching, measuring tools, print and output, etc.

Search immediately

Search with keyword to get and position the data from all layers.

Add Layers

Upload layer data or image and overlay multiple types on the online map.

Spatial Analyze

Support analyze 2Dand 3D spatial analysis such as map overlay, environment area, clustering, cross-section, dibbling, etc.

Visual Modeling

GeoSense Integrated business data to transform spatial or position data to support visualization.

Label Drawing

Users can operate point, line, area and word on online map and export result to KML.

Software Requirement

Developed programming language JavaScript
System Environment Windows Server 2008 above/ SQL Server 2008 above/ Apache Tomcat 7 above/ hard disk 500MB above/ Expand hard disk as needed with Geospatial Information.
Support Browser IE11、Chrome、Firefox、Safari、Edge。
Using the cross-platform and cross-device front end, 3D GIS needs a graphics card.

Application Area

Construction Management

Water Engineering Construction Management

Water Engineering and Building Checking

Plan Management

City Construction Management

Water Engineering and Land using Management

City Management

Social Welfare Information Links

Smart-City Management

Alley Management Links

Covid-19 Case Statistics Links

Environmental Management

Prompt Environment Monitoring

Forest Environment Resource Links

Ecological Management

Marine Animal Stranding Hot Spot Links

Biological Resources Investment Links

3D Show off

3D Building Show off

Under Pipeline Show off

Construction Information Module